Sleep Better: The Natural Way

In this Article, I will share the knowledge with you that I have gained from Years of Trial & Error in finding ways to Sleep Better. Read on to find out more. If you strive to constantly improve yourself, like me, you probably will end up trying to improve your Sleep at some point in your journey. Once you have learned that a Good Night’s Sleep is largely responsible for your general Well-Being, you probably want to learn more about how to Sleep Better.

Why do we Sleep badly in the first place?

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We all live busy lives today. We are constantly bombarded with information that keeps our Brain working on 100% the whole day. Our Brains were simply not designed to take information in that fast and in this quantity (Think Social Media, Text Messages, etc).

This is especially true if you are one of those people who lay in the bed with their Smartphone (Yes, I am looking at you!) and checking their Social Media right before sleep. Even you don’t realize it, but this is largely responsible for your Brain having trouble to shut down, hence not allowing you to fall asleep.

But gladly, there is a solution to that.

Speaking of Personal Experience…

I struggled with sleeping the past 10 Years or so. Soon after hitting the Age of 25 or so, I started having more and more trouble sleeping, up until that point that I felt depressed because I just couldn’t get a good Night’s rest. I had to change something.

I’ll be honest with you, there is no quick way to solve this Problem the Natural Way. There is no Shortcut. But with a little bit of effort and changing some of your Habits, there is a good chance that you will Sleep Better in the long run – and not be reliable on Pharmaceuticals!

We want to find the cause of our Bad Sleep and want to fix it at the root. We don’t want to take a Shortcut by taking Pills, because this solves nothing.

After long Trial & (many) Errors, I finally found a way that worked for me, using only Natural Methods. Read on to learn what helped me to Sleep Better.

Build Sleeping Habits

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Building Habits is a big one. I found that I have the best rest if I follow some kind of pre-bed regime. It should be some activity that quiets your Mind, like reading a Book, drinking a cup of Tea, Meditating, Stretching, or Yoga.

I personally do a mix of all of the above. My Routine looks something like this, where I try to keep the times somewhat at the same every day.

  • Brewing a Cup of Tea, sometimes with some CBD Hemp in it
  • Doing a short Yoga Practice
  • Stretching & Breathing
  • Reading a couple of pages of my Favorite Books

That’s basically how my routine looks like, starting at around 22:00 PM and taking until around 22:30 – 23:00. I wouldn’t touch my Phone or Computer within that timeframe.

What I wouldn’t recommend is watching a Movie, playing Games (tough one for me, as a Gamer), being on your Phone or doing anything that raises your Heart Rate.

Have your Diet in Check

Sleep Better Guide for Beginner

You probably feared that something like this would come up, and you are right! Diet plays an important Role in everything. If your Diet sucks, chances are high that your sleep suffers from it too.

Now I won’t go into Detail on what a healthy Diet looks like, that is up to your own research, but the better you eat, the better your sleep will get, naturally.

You could look into Intermittent Fasting, for a start. (Something I personally follow for a long time).

Don’t use your Phone / Computer 1 Hour before bed

You probably feared that one too, right? This is one is extremely important. If you stare at your bright Screen, be it Phone or Computer doesn’t matter, your brain thinks you are still in an environment where Daylight is present, hindering the production of Melatonin at the same time.

Melatonin is essential, it’s the sleep hormone that makes you tired.

If you HAVE to work right before going to bed, use the Dim Function of your Phone. Many newer Models come with this, it makes your screen more Orange after Dark. I personally use it on my Phone at all times.

The equivalent for your Computer is the Freeware Tool f.Lux.

Use Natural Remedy’s for Better Sleep

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I tried so many things. Baldrian and all that well-known Jazz doesn’t do anything for me. Things that actually worked for me are:

The Combination of all of those things knocks me right out. Now, CBD Oil and RAW Honey can be quite expensive, depending on where you live.

I found Braggs (link above) Apple Cider Vinegar works great and is recommended by many other People praising it. I had some success with Apple Cider Vinegar + Honey and CBD Oil, but my sleep really improved to another Level when I introduced Magnesium as well.

Magnesium is big. If you use nothing else, use Magnesium. It relaxes your muscles and helps you fall asleep easier, on top of that, you are probably Magnesium deficient anyway.

Final Words

To Sleep Better really is a process. You can’t take a Magic Pill and drift away for good. (Well, you can, but you probably won’t ever solve your real Problem). I will go deeper into this topic at a later point, but this should be enough to get you started.

For me, it took more than a Year to really feel the difference on a daily basis. And the key is consistency. Try to be as consistent as possible with your Habits. It’s the same as Building Muscle, you have to put in the Reps to see results. Same goes for everything in life.

You have to think of it as something like brushing your Teeth. You simply are going to it every single day.

To Sleep Better, stick with it!

Believe me, stick with it for at least one Month and do the same thing every day, I guarantee you, you will see improvements. Tell us about your experience and what worked for you to get Better Sleep. We are burning to know!

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